Contract consulting:

Mechanical Engineering / Product Design - I can manage all aspects of product development including, but not limited to mechanical design, documentation (BOM's and GeoTol drawings), and fabrication implementation. I can develop and maintain time lines, budgets, as well as vendor sourcing (including China). Software tools include SolidWorks and AutoCAD Inventor, etc., for aluminum extrusion, zinc / white metal and plastic injection molding parts, as well as sheet metal.

More work for Ergonomic Products. Focus has been to improve the existing product line, introduce Wall Built-in Delivery and media workstations, etc.
Packaging, not the sexiest use of product design skills, but it's sure a good test of them (not to mention the SolidWorks skills). This past year I've been supporting a thermoplastics company designing dustcovers for machined parts.
LED lighting for a new startup, Shown here is a 2" retofit wallwash LED designed around Xicato components.
Summer of 2012, finished designing Healthcare Lighting products for Architectural Lighting Systems. Shown is a rendering of a 4 function head wall T5 Fluorescent bed light (ambient light, reading light, exam light and nurse / chart light)
Healthcare Product Design -
Dental Delivery cart designed for Ergonomic Products. This was the first delivery platform in the dental industry to address the dental assistants / hygienists primary work zones. Started with operational sequence videos, developed design criteria, built the prototypes and implemented production.
LED lighting project for Navistar, the maker if International Trucks. This lighting device is used to illuminate a corporate logo on the door of the truck.
As for that rumor I worked for NASA, it is true! Back in the 80's I worked for ILS Space Systems in Houston TX at the NASA complex. I worked with the team developing the habitation module for the Space Station and later worked on hand tools for the Shuttle program.
Now for something just for the heck of it, me playing with DVD viewing product concepts. So, when I'm not making a ton of money for other people consulting, what do I do?
I develop safety plans and egress maps, (good use for that AutoCAD license -
Older / other portfolio stuff
I sell Form-Z software -
Can I help you with your project? All it takes is a phone call or email to find out. I look forward to your challenging project.

- Peter van Colen

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